What Candy Crush Saga Teaches Us about Training

I’m on level 202 on Candy Crush Saga currently.  I have spent a lot of time getting there.  I am hooked.  And I don’t like to be hooked on anything.  So, I spent some time thinking about why I like CCS and I realized that CCS is a great example of an excellent training program.  Try to follow me here…

Candy Crush Saga starts out simple:  match the candies and they disappear and you win.  Then, obstacles are introduced and you learn to overcome those obstacles.  Next comes harder obstacles (I hate those chocolate-making thingies), but you learn to overcome those.  In other words, Candy Crush Saga teaches us the skills we need along the way to be successful at the next level of obstacles.

AHA!  That is why I am hooked!  I get positive outcomes from the game the more I play!  And the game literally coaches me along and makes me successful.  Candy Crush Saga is the ultimate Pavlov’s dog experiment.

Now ask yourself, what if we took that concept and applied it to our employee training programs?  If you are like me, you are sometimes guilty of hiring a new person and bringing them into the company, doing a minimum amount of training and then setting them free, rarely to check on them again.  We are all guilty of it; the pressure of day-to-day operations catches up our time and we mean to check in and give feedback more frequently…but, the end of the day comes and it just doesn’t get done.

Maybe if we thought of our new employees as inexperienced Candy Crush Saga players, we would be more successful in our training, checking in to see what “level” they are on and what obstacles are keeping them from moving to the next level.  Think of it as a training game.

One part you want to leave out of the training game is Candy Crush Saga’s insistence on saying you “failed.”  Of course, for a competitive person like me, that is just a great challenge, but some people don’t respond so well.  Leave the word “failure” out of the training game…

out of the training game…Image